Headphones are now one of the most important gadgets in our contemporary life and you can’t escape from having one. We need them to listen to music, podcasts, attend office calls etc., They are miniature speakers placed around our ears. We use them for privacy as well as social courtesy to not disturb people around us. We use them at work, public places and also in our homes.

With the right pair of headphones, you can experience the best sound without causing any harm to our ears. Thus it is essential that the headphones be maintained in good condition so as to increase its lifespan.


Budget is generally a major factor considered while buying anything and so would be the case when buying headphones. Here are few  tips to buy best headphones and to protect them throughout its life. Though it is a bit technical, it’s a must to know.

Tips to choose best Headphones:-

Evaluating the headphone’s sound isolation is a major factor. Sound isolation refers to retaining the music inside while blocking the outside noise.

Look for the impedance of the headphones. The Impedance of the headphones should match to that of your audio equipment to have the best experience.

Use the headphones for a while (at least 15 minutes) at the time of purchasing so as to check its sound quality and comfort. Sometimes they may be comfortable for the first few minutes but slowly cause discomfort.

Check for the portability, shape, durability and warranty of Headphones.

Tips to protect Headphones for life:-

Handling is the major factor that increases the life of headphones. When pulling headphones from an audio source, pull the connector gently. Putting more pressure on the cable may damage it.

Don’t leave them on the floor or plugged in when not in use. Avoid using them while sleeping. Rolling on them may break your headphones. Wrap them properly and place it in a box.

Avoid very high or very low temperatures near the headphones.

Store headphones in dry place and clean them regularly, especially the meshed areas of the headphones that we can’t reach immediately. Avoid contact with water.


When it comes to choosing the right headphones, you get what you pay for. Sometimes understanding basics can be helpful to choose the best for a small pay. Very little time and care are sufficient to increase the life of our headphones.

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