Are you a solo traveler? If yes, then make pepper spray your travel partner at all times. The pepper spray is most purposeful solution to adopt when you are attacked. When sprayed on the assailant, it will temporarily distract the person and help you buy time. In the short span of time, you can make a run for help or search places to hide.

People don’t recognize the act of self protection, always using strength will not help but little tools such as a pepper spray will make your life a whole lot easier and help you define yourself a person who is confident to face in any situation and not get afraid to step out. There can be danger lurking everywhere but women empowerment may not just be restricted to rights but how to protect ourselves in situations that cannot be predicted in these changing times. Pepper sprays are cheap and effective unlike many other methods and tools available in the market.

Pepper Spray

The pepper spray is also known as capsicum spray. It is considered to be the potential chemical compound which will show effect instantaneously. When exposed on skin or any body part, it will cause tearing, acute coughing, temporary blindness and worse even death.

Though children have been victimized many times, but they aren’t allowed to carry a pepper spray till a certain age limit. The vulnerability transcends any age and the offender just sees his/her motive to be accomplished so it is better to be prepared at all times and aware of your surroundings.


These days it is widely used or kept with girls and ladies who often travel alone and might get prey of the ones who have bad intentions. Like for an example, young girls or ladies who have their jobs or have night duties, they need to have something for their self-defense in order to escape from a dangerous event. On the other side, we have school girls or college girls who every now and then are teased by the guys on the roads, sometimes this teasing gets to a very high extent where the girls find it difficult to escape or handle the situation. In such cases, the girls can use spray for defense in order to get out of such activity.

Some pepper sprays model can be disguised inside a lipstick, pen, ring or a mobile phone. These all are in varied sizes.

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